Inviting and different shop

English Silver House has been part of the Copenhagen street scene for more than 106 years. Our shop has many customers from Denmark and Scandinavia and also from the rest of the world.

Tradition and quality

High-quality silverware has always been our characteristic feature. We are proud of being able to represent most of the European manufacturers of silver. Besides these, we also sell antique and "second hand" silver. Thanks to our good contacts – especially in Great Britain – we provide silverware according to our customers' wishes.

Danish silverware – when it's best

In our collection you find an interesting selection of Danish silver of high quality and design. We constantly in search of talented Danish silversmiths who are dedicated to the superiority of silver.  

Informal and welcoming

English Silver House aims at offering an informal and welcoming atmosphere with a friendly personnel who would love to help you find the perfect gift with emphasis on quality and at affordable prices.

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